In-Line FET Preamp


Class-A Design, In-Line Microphone PreAmp

The Imperative Audio FETPre FCP1 is a high quality, low-noise in-line microphone preamplifier which offers up to 28dB of clean boost for dynamic and passive ribbon mics.

With a sophisticated class-A design and high-level FETs, the FETPre FP1 boasts lower input impedance and noise. The FETPre FP1 preamp delivers a pristine, balanced and transparent sound quality. Also, the preamps slim and rugged housing efficiently rejects electronic interference and noise.

The FETPre slots straight into the signal path between the mic XLR and your cable and needs no further adjustment.

When to use the IA FETPre mic preamp.

The FETPre is perfect for use with mics such as the Shure SM7B or Imperative Audio VOCaster offering these and other mics a clean, boosted signal. Especially perfect for vocals, voiceovers and podcasts.

The IA FETPre can also be used with a variety of ribbon mics, some of which are unable to use 48v phantom power.



  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz
  • Gain: 28dB (load 1kohm)
  • Max output level (0.5%THD): 8.3dBV
  • Output noise level: 9uV(JIS-A)
  • Output impedance: 135ohms
  • Recommended load impedance: >1kohms
  • Current consumption: 3.0mA
Imperative Audio FETPre Mic Preamp
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