Award-winning voiceover artist and founder of The VoiceOver Network, Rachael Naylor gives us a rundown and showcase of the Imperative Audio Portable Vocal Booth.

In this video, Rachael boasts her love for her PVB, fully endorsing its quality, making it a must for all VoiceOver artists.

Here’s a little more information about the PVB:

The Portable Vocal Booth (PVB) is the ultimate home and studio recording solution for musicians and voiceover artists. The PVB is as close as you can get to a truly portable microphone friendly vocal/voice recording environment without building a perfect acoustically treated environment in your home or studio.

The PVB solves most of the problems that we encounter trying to record vocals in an untreated room. This is thanks to its cylindrical design which helps to eliminate offensive reflections and standing waves found in acoustic solutions with corners, which in turn gives you a clean, balanced, and unaffected recording result.

Creating the right environment for you and your microphone is paramount for achieving a great sound and performance. Space, comfort, versatility, and acoustics are all key elements for any vocal or instrument booth.

The Imperative Audio PVB Portable Vocal Booth is available in the UK from and will shortly be available worldwide.

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