MusicTech‘s Robbie Stamp has reviewed the Imperative Audio Portable Vocal Booth.

Robbie summarises the PVB perfectly, “It’s hard to fill the gap between a heavily treated room and a reflection filter, but the PVB delivers exactly that, and with great simplicity.”

MusicTech Key Pros

+ Impressive amount of separation for a semi-open space
+ Well-balanced acoustic response without troublesome resonances
+ Plenty of flexibility for mic stand setups
+ Easy to assemble and adjust

MusicTech praise the Portable Vocal Booth’s versatility, “Another pleasant surprise is that a mic in figure-8 pattern can be pushed up quite close to the booth wall without getting any excessive boom.”

They were incredibly impressed by the quality of sound inside the booth “The voiceover work carried out with the booth brought none of the room to the final mix”, “The change in acoustic as you enter the PVB is immediate and while speaking or singing, there is no obvious resonance or reflection… the problematic high-frequency attenuation often associated with vocal booths is not on the menu.”

MusicTech highlights the great design the PVB which allows you to be setup and ready to record quickly. “Erecting the booth is simple and, with familiarity, should take mere minutes… the semi-circular design prevents an oppressive, claustrophobic feel.”

Read the full PVB review on MusicTech here

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